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I am over 35years old, Can I still start ballet ?

Yes, it is never too late to start. Most of the students that come to my class have never dance before. Now, not only are they enjoying themselves, but some have told me that they have found a renewed sense of physical vigor and self-confidence. Many of my students have also reported improving their posture and that ballet has helped them stay in shape - some of them have told me that they have lost weight and a student has told me they are now wearing one jean size down! Others that previously suffer from neck pain have told me that they are no longer in pain, thanks to ballet. These are just a few of the many benefits ballet can bring you. So why not? We can enjoy our time together, keeping fit and having fun! Please join me.


  1996からニューヨークにて大人のバレエクラスを主催、多くの方に親しまれ、励まされ続け今もマンハッタン ミッドタウンの新しいスタジオにて楽しくエキサイティングなバレエクラスを開催しております。







I teach and empower adults to move with confidence and grace (from beginner level to professional level dancers) and provide private lessons for children and adult )My responsibility is to ensure that my students understand how to maintain balance and proper form, while being attuned to each person's body type, flexibility, and way of learning. I encourage my students to achieve their goals and dance with joy. 


Students of mine demonstrate significant changes in their bodies after taking my class. Most students report leaner thighs, and tighter buttocks in just 1-2 months. They also show more open neck-to-shoulder lines, and their postures improve (similar to ballet dancers). They demonstrate increased flexibility, and their musical and dance skills develop in a very short time. Students who work in stressful environments have also reported decrease in stress and improvement in posture, helping them breathe better.

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